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"Elke belangrijke documentaire moet de power hebben om drama te maken van de dagelijkse gebeurtenissen en poëzie van onze problemen"

John Grierson

Een Jammerlijck Klaachlied

1 and 2 June 2018, St. Gertrudiskerk Workum

One day in 1574, skipper Hendrik Spruyt arrived with his wife Trijntje Jans at their home port of Workum.
They were Mennonites - followers of Menno Simons. Caspar de Robles, stadtholder of Friesland in the service of the King of Spain, had banned this small, forbidden community. Firstly because of their heretical faith but no less because of their money, which was needed for the construction of dikes. Spruyt was literally and figuratively undressed on the market square, bound, put into a little boat that was set alight and then pushed out to sea.

This story is the basis for Een Jammerlijck Klaachlied. A multimedia presentation on religious freedom, rebellion, repression and the eternal struggle against the water.

Film footage and music by the Frysk Fanfare Orchestra, Talking Cows jazz quartet and the Sjongsum choir lead the viewer along places and events of that time.
Thijs Feenstra and Jan Arendz highlight the story of the Dutch rebellion from two sides.

1 and 2 June 2018 St. Gertrudiskerk Workum
Start 20.45 PM.
Tickets are available at the site of culturele hoofdstad klik hier

With Thijs Feenstra and Jan Arendz
Script en film: Frits Boersma.
Composition: Frans Vermeerssen.
Conductor: Jouke Hoekstra.
Director: Marijke Geertsma.
and brought to you by Frysk Fanfare Orchestra, Talking Cows, Sjongsum choir and Orquesta Filarmónica Cervantina.